Hoppets Xmas 2009

Dolly and Matt in a Christmas card…

And in a small scene.


(BTS: A glass jar holds Dolly up)

(BTS: Matt ends here)

(BTS: To make Dolly’s legs, we stuffed a stuffed horse into her)

See ya!

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Happy Halloween – and Kermit replica!

This is the Hoppets – telling you Happy Halloween!

Dolly's last-minute costume

In other news, our new Kermit hits the stage.

Kermit ponders Life, the Universe, and Everything.

He is made using projectpuppet.com’s “Glorified Sock Puppet” pattern, with custom legs and arms. See ya!

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Matt vs. Classic Rock

Matt the yellow toad mangles some hits.

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Kismet the Toad: On paper or in real life?

Sorry for the title, I just go ToPLW #2 and am loving it. Anyway, we all thought Kismet the Toad was just one time thing. However, not only will he still have an important role in the second series of The Muppet Show comics, he is making an appearance in REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, not really, but here’s the story: For the past 19 years, Steve Whitmire has become the performer for Kermit. However, in recent appearances, starting with a performance of “I gave you my heart” on America’s Got Talent, Kermit has been performed by a back-up (Identified by www.toughpigs.com as Artie Esposito). Many Muppet fans have been wondering what happened to Steve. No official Disney answer has been given yet, but theories range from a secret plan to advertise ToPLW to *gulp* something having happened to Steve.


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Profile: Phil

Muppets 012

Phil is the comedian of It’s The Muppets. He sometimes performs his acts with Zweebly but usually works alone. He pesters his fellow Muppets with lousy gags and sometimes causes them to seek revenge.


My friend Linus

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Profile: Zweebly (and Percy)

Muppets 007

Zweebly at left, Percy at right.

Zweebly works as an assistant backstage at It’s the Muppets. He also sometimes assists Phil with his comedy acts. He is the only one who understands Percy the Pest’s squeaking language. Percy is Zweebly’s best friend and Zweebly is the only one who does not think of him as a pest.


Zweebly: Me

Percy: My best friend Otto

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Project: Go-fer – Stage 2

We have finished Scooter. But, before we did, we took this picture:

Muppets 002

Here he is finished:

Muppets 011

We will not make more replicas anytime soon.

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Project: Go-fer

Today me and my mom have started work on a puppet of one of the lesser known Muppets, Scooter. Scooter works as a “Go-fer” backstage at The Muppet Show. His job is to tell everyone what to do when, and he is one of the reasons the show does not dissolve into total chaos. This is what Scooter looks like on The Muppet Show:


And this is what our replica looks like:

Scooter 003

Scooter is my second Muppet replica after Kermit. Here is his foam skeleton:

Scooter 001

He is our third foam puppet.

Here are the original plans next to the finished head.

Scooter 007

We will finish his body soon.

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This is what we call The Muppet Show!!!!!!


Thank you, thank you, and welcome to The Obsessed Muppet Fan Blog!!!! I am Scooterthegofer, and this is my blog about things that only obsessed Muppet fans care about: comments, rants, denunciation of Elmo, you have it!

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